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Why Hollywood actors are so much better than Bollywood actors?

If we count the worst of both, lower layer will certainly have so many names that the comparison will become impossible. But point is about the upper layer of acting and not the lower one. Yes, I think Hollywood has atleast 6–7 times a number of quality actors where you find one in Bollywood.

Om Puri, Naseer Shah, Paresh Raval, Manoj Bajpai, are highest quality actors and many many great names are indeed forgotten by the mainstream like S M Zaheer, Farukh Shaikh, Iftekhar, Motilal, Kanaihyalal etc. But Hollywood has a bigger number. and I attribute it certain number of reasons.

  1. Actors need good scripts and quality direction to perform and nurture their best. Majority of Indian audience had been appreciating crap during the decades of nineties when Coen Brother, David Fincher, and Client Eastwood were opening the gates of new century cinema.
  2. Commercial security is assured better in India through low quality work, high quality work often pays less. This ratio is not so bad in Hollywood. There greatest actors are biggest stars, even if they dont look like greek gods, or are not even good looking, Robin Williams had to be satisfied with the roles of Uncle and neighbour if he was in Bollywood. While Om Puri could be a superstar if he was in Hollywood with English as his mother tongue.
  3. Typical Indian hero is almost never a smart or wise guy but either a sentimental crybaby, a goon, or a con artist, the role of a wise man is reserved for Gurus, brothers or mentors of the hero – whose death often invokes him to punch the villain harder. Great actors find hard to do such mediocrity and get unable to sync with a character who is driven by nothing but an impulse to impress or sympathize others

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