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Whatsapp soon going to have Group Video Chat Option

Whatsapp has just brought in a breaking news that would overwhelm just anyone who is using the app. This social media app is going to roll out the feature of group video chat finally, which was much awaited. Out of the present list of world news, the release from Whatsapp is bringing a lot of relief to the android users. Unluckily, the iOS users are not at the receiving end of this update and hence will have to wait and be stay tuned to current affairs in search of a treat for them.


A good news for Whatsapp lovers

The previous year has already witnessed that features like deleting sent messages, personal video chat and audio chat were added to the app but the upcoming one is a delight to see, and therefore it remains to examine, how good it will be working on the smartphones. The group video chat would not be available on WhatsApp web though! It is expected that the video call can accommodate a maximum of four users. The team of Zuckerberg and co have said that they have observed video calling becoming popular day by day and remarkably 2 billion minutes of video calls have been exchanged between the people. Impressed by this volume, the WhatsApp developer's team have put up some great efforts and showed a strong determination to bring out this feature. They strongly believe that the group video chat option will let the app to become even more popular and will reach furthermore people. In the past, news concerning the group video chat feature in WhatsApp was thought to be rumor yet clouds have been cleared officially now. However, it has to be noticed that the Whatsapp haven't specified any release date about this update. Users can watch video online to know more and learn about how to use this feature.


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