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WhatsApp is answerable to the Indian government on spreading of False Messages

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WhatsApp is the biggest market in today's world with more than 200 million users in India. The circulation of false texts and provocative content should be prevented across the country. The false news and videos are circulating on the messaging app which has really become a breaking news in the social media. The privacy scandal is already grappled through the Facebook. The mass bearings of the people in India are triggered in WhatsApp regarding the false messages about the child abductors. The developments of deep disapproval are conveyed to the senior management of WhatsApp which is the latest news in India.

Fake messages:

It is necessary to take some remedial measured in order to avoid the misuse of WhatsApp. The law enforcement authorities are taking some steps to apprehend the culprits who are responsible for the crimes with the repeated flow of fake messages. The users of WhatsApp should have some concern when they are forwarding the fake messages from blog submission sites. The accountability and the responsibility cannot be evaded through the messaging platforms. The messaging services should abuse the users who are spreading the information in a wrong way. The users must ensure that the messaging platforms should not be used for the malafide activities from current affairs. The users should take it is as a challenge and should not add dissemination or false messages through the messaging platforms.


The researchers who can explore the issued related to the misinformation can feel free to share their proposals with the messaging services. There is no proper response to the request by the Facebook from the comments of government statement as per the world news. The game news can be identified by educating the users with the considerable changes in the services. Some new settings are introduced which can only be used by the administrators or the group owners to forward the messages. A particular label should be used for the forwarded messages in order to identify them and stop spreading the fake news. The WhatsApp should take the necessary actions if the terms are violated against the government.

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