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Ways to Use Healing Crystals

There are numerous types healing crystals & stones in the world. There is an incredible amount of untapped healing power just sitting out there waiting for you! Before you dive into understanding which healing crystal is ideal for your personal use, let’s go over some different ways you can use crystals to heal yourself.


Start wearing healing crystals.

Since crystals and stones absorb, repel and transmit energy, wearing certain healing crystals can help you balance your energy field throughout the day. Think of the crystals you wear like taking a vitamin. You eat the vitamin and it nourishes your body for the entire day. Putting on your crystal jewelry in the morning or putting certain stones in your pocket is like taking your daily vitamin on an energetic level.


Place healing crystals on a specific part of the body.

Anyone familiar with crystal healing is probably familiar with this type of healing—the laying of stones. If you’re looking for a very direct, specific application, placing crystals on that part of your body is an excellent way to access their healing properties. For example, when you get a burn, you apply a burn ointment to the wound. If you have a headache, you might sit quietly with a quartz crystal on the spot of your pain.

Meditate with healing crystals.

Healing stones and crystals are often millions of years old, and they contain a lot of information about our history. In fact, a quartz crystal can hold as much data as over 22,000 iPhones, and that information doesn’t degrade over time. By sitting with crystals and quieting your mind during meditation, you are often able to intuitively receive amazing, life-changing insights by simply holding an energetic piece of history like that in your hands during the process.


Use a healing crystal grid.

When you use a crystal grid, you lay out specific types of crystals and stones in a predetermined pattern. These patterns are designed to receive and transmute energy. Using a crystal grid is an ancient healing technique and it can take time to learn all the different types of grids, but most people find it to be worth it as it is an extremely powerful practice.


Move them around the body.

Crystals don’t need to sit still to work effectively. In fact, sometimes it’s better to move stones and crystals all around your body to get the most healing effect from them. Try using a healing crystal wand to clear negative energy fields from your head to your toe. Keep in mind that your energy field extends about 3 ft. around you, so don’t hesitate to work on your entire aura when practicing crystal healing.

Getting a Crystal Light therapy session

The Crystal Light Therapy is a chakra healing medium which uses Vogel crystals (based on the pattern of the ‘Tree of Life’), frequency and light to cleanse and balance the energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Each crystal is aligned to the corresponding colors of your chakras, which follow the colors of the rainbow (violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow and red).

If you wish to get yourself treated via Crystal Light therapy session, feel free to drop an email for session booking at appointments@aekum.com or you can also call us at 9899988048 / 0124-4966181

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