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US sanctions 13 current, former Venezuelan officials

On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury Department had sanctioned 13 current & former Venezuelan officials in a heat up to a disputed vote that would have a radical repercussion for the nation’s political condition.

The Constituent Assembly owns the power to rewrite the Constitution of the nation & further deviate the opposition composed legislature as Venezuelans grasped with a biting economical critical changes that has led to the shortage of basic goods & high increase due in part to low crude oil prices.

The opposition had criticized the planned assembly as a de facto coup that would unify the power around President Nicolas Maduro.

The U.S. has suggested Caracas to change order on the assembly, advicing that it would lead to a hard-hitting economic penances.

A senior administration official said to reporters that if anyone joins the assembly then they are supposed to be targeted by U.S. sanctions.

Through those sanctioned officials includes four individuals the Treasury Department said, that are actively praticing the Constituent Assembly, including Tibisay Lucena Ramirez, president of the National Electoral Council, the head of the assembly process, Elias Jose Jaua Milano; Tarek William Saab Halabi, Venezuela’s ombudsman & Maria Iris Varela Rangel, a member of the assembly's presidential commission.

The opposition has conduct out a vigorous campaign in current months with a aim trying to strike Maduro out of office through early elections.

Since April, this crisis has fired public anger & result in huge protests that had left around 100 people dead.

The Treasury Department informed that it designated a total of five current & former officials who it said are being "answerable for this violence and repression".

Among those officials includes Sergio Jose Rivero Marcano, the head of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard, Jesus Rafael Suarez Chourio, Venezuela's army chief & Carlos Alfredo Perez Ampueda, the National Director of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Police.

Also, there were four other individuals who were designated for alleged extortion.

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