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Trump administration force an end to DACA

According to the latest breaking news, the president of the USA, Mr. Donald Trump has been facing large-scale criticisms and threats from the governments of six states along with Texas, for his administration's struggling campaign over bringing the in-effect DACA to an end completely.

What is DACA?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA in short, is actually one of the policies that give the children who were brought into the country as illegal immigrants, the liberty of renewing the two-year period to not get deported. This was initiated by the earlier president, Barack Obama in the month of June 2012. You could watch video online to know further about it. An action to end this policy is gathering attention and thereby anything concerning with it is hitting the headlines of world news.

Why is it being opposed?

According to Mr. Trump and the similar mindsets, the influx of these immigrants poses a challenge and threat to the native Americans. They further say that the jobs that should have been available to the citizens of USA, is being carried away and the wages are seeing a declined rate due to this allowance.

What's the future?

Although, the appeal has been made to the general public from many of the administrations that with this policy, Americans are victimized in most of the aspects, yet there are few forces that oppose any actions that lead to termination of the DACA. The current affairs of the US say that any attempt to bring an end to DACA, is nothing but misuse of the presidential powers. People are also worried about the future of the children who have been brought in illegally. The courts have been strongly condemning the forceful act and are seeking for a solid reason to stop this policy and are also asking the government to then arrange an alternate for the ones who are residing in the nation for now. Mr. Trump is urging the National Congress to unite with them to end the DACA and there are protestors who are out to demand the termination.

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