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Total solar eclipse captivates America.

On Monday, the Solar eclipse has passed over all of the US. Millions of americans has moved out wearing sunglasses to experience this eclipse. It was a once in a lifetime moment- but this can be relieved again & again.

This eclipse definately stopped the nation in its track, and promising the sky gazers nation wide a glimpse of the moon’s journey past the sun.

It is certainly the most viewed eclipse in the history, it also becomes a biggest movement of people for tourism ever and also the most photographed, where some pictures are truly stunning.

The photos are amazing which of some describes the sun itself & the beautiful display that appear when the moon slide in front of it & its tendrils`can be seen only. While some others show the gathering of people exicted to watch the events, some getting together to plan citizen science or simply to take in the sight as a group.

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