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Top Viral YouTube Videos of 2017

Here's a few of the most trending and viral videos for 2017. A combined ober 1 billion You Tube views, these videos have rocked through 2017.

1. Until We Will Become Dust – Oyster Masked | THE MASK SINGER 2

This performance from a popular singing competition in Asia was YouTube’s top trending video of the year with more than 181 million views. The show, called The Mask Singer, requires performers to wear elaborate masks to conceal their identities. It’s been produced in Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, but this particular video is from a Thailand show.

2. ED SHEERAN – Shape of You | Kyle Hanagami Choreography

With more than 118 million views, Los Angeles-based choreographer Kyle Hanagami’s “Shape of You” routine is the most-viewed choreography video on the platform ever, according to YouTube.

3. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

This video documenting Dude Perfect’s elaborate — and mesmerizing — ping pong trick shot is the group’s second most popular video to date.

4. Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer – America’s Got Talent 2017

The America’s Got Talent judging panel was so impressed by Darci Lynne Farmer’s ventriloquist routine that they sent her straight to the live shows by pressing the coveted Golden Buzzer. Farmer went on to be crowned champion of the season when it finished in September.

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