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Top Social Media Listening Tools

Best for Small Business


Not every business needs to monitor millions of news sites for mentions. Small businesses can get the information they need from standard social media. SocialClout is social media monitoring software geared toward small businesses that monitors social networks, blogs and forums. It has social analytics software, which includes sentiment analysis and demographics and out-of-the-box reports. In addition, it lets you integrate up to five social media venues for quick responses to posts. While it bills itself as suitable for enterprise-level businesses, its competitive pricing makes it a good choice for SMBs.

Best for Enterprise

Oracle Social Cloud's social media monitoring system listens to over 40 million sites a day in over 28 languages across the globe. These include blogs and news sites, social media networks, and video and image sites. It combines Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its own proprietary algorithms to augment your keywords when picking out slang. According to Oracle, LSA has an accuracy of up to 94% in judging the emotion behind a statement, while NLP has 64% accuracy. Combined with its own algorithms, it claims a conservative 70 to 80 percent accuracy based on in-house testing


Best for Integrations


Hootsuite Insights is highly versatile social media monitoring software. Along with Hootsuite, it provides analysis to inform your posting and social media management. The Hootsuite platform itself integrates with over 100 different programs and applications, including 11 customer relationship management apps and over 30 marketing programs of different kinds. It analyzes over 100 million data sources in over 50 languages, conducts demographic and sentiment analysis, and offers a full range of reports and alert options for your social listening

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