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Top Most Played Games in World

We love our mobile games and so does the rest of the world...

What’s not to love about mobile games.... we all are at some extend crazy & passionate about playing mobile games and thus spending our free time in exploring the world of adventure with our favourite characters.

Let’s have a look at the Top Played Games in the World :-

# Candy crush saga


Candy Crush Saga is a free to play puzzle game which was released by King in 2012. The game was first release for facebook platform, but however laterly available for other versions such as ios, Android, Windows phone & Windows 10, which is very rapidly pushes in-app purchases. In this game, Players offered with a finite number of lives & if the player fail to attain puzzle’s goal then they lose live each time.The game also involve the feature of Power-up to help player over difficult levels, but the se powers need to be purchased.

# Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is an adventurous game which is an endless running video series, developed by Imangi Studios on app store in 2013. The game is supported on ios. Android, Windows 8 phone and Tizen platform. It offers single player mode. As of June 2014, the series of game have been downloaded upto 1 billion times. The character in the games keeps on running & trying to escape a chasing monkey. It introdues new features of power-ups andthe user can save the warrior from death by collecting the green gems while running or either purchasing online.

# Angry Birds


Angry Birds is one of the most popular video game franchise in recent times created by Rovio Entertainment. The game series was initially released for Apple ios in 2009 and laterly for other platforms including Android, Symbian & Windows phones. The game focuses on multi-colored birds who effort to save their eggs from the green color pigs. Many versions of the game has been downloaded 2 billion times over all platforms. It’s popularity can be determined by the fact that an animated featured film based on the game series was released in 2016.

# Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia


Doodle Army 2; Mini Militia is 2D shooter game which is free to play, developed by Appsomniacs LLC. It was released for ios device in 2011 & for Android device in 2015. It is having both single & multiple player mode. IN this game, the players need to safeguard themselves from the weaponized robots with the support of Sarge (who is a trainer). The game offers a wide variety of weapons for player. Added new feature of Avatar selections and also dynamic festival & club color choice sequence.

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