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Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Our planet is covered by oceans,lakes,rivers and seas, here true beach lovers to name a swath of surf and sand ,and the tides.from pearly  crescents covered in shells to turquise bays with skittles-colored fish.all are different.

Here are 5 of the best

1) Playa del Amor in  Marietas Islands of  Mexico

 The islands are an archipelago, a chain of land formations . They are natural wonders, but it was different from  volcanic activity .

The Hidden Beach, it is invisible from the outside, and is only seem’s  like  a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. There is approximately 6- feet of space above water level, so visitors can arrive at the beach by swimming, The island are frequently visited by tourists who come to enjoy the diverse marine wildlife of Playa del Amor.



2) Cathedrals Beach in Ribadeo, of Spain:

For anyone who is fond of visiting a church, a must to visit beach is Cathedrals Beach of Ribadeo in Spain. Here you can find wave curved huge hundred feet rock. It will be a pleasure for you to walk here when the tide is low, however the beach quickly succumbs to the surf hen the tide rises.



3) Anse Source D'Argent in  La digue, of Seychelles: 

 A dazzling white-sand beach backed by naturally sculpted granite boulders and lapped by emerald waters. It's not perfect, though; Anse Source D'Argent can get pretty crowded, especially at high tide when the beach virtually disappears.

Another downside: Anse Source D'Argent is scenic, but not that great for swimming due to the shallow water Make sure you come for longer than a day; once the day trippers have left you can walk around or curl up under the shade of the trees and feel like you have this u piece of paradise . For the best photo opsitions, come in the late afternoon  when the colours are most intense. This beach is one of the few facing west, so you can watch some fabulous sunsets.


4) One Foot Island of  Aitutaki is Cook Islands:

plenty of things to see and do and topped off with a tropical climate, Aitutaki can’t be beaten for a vacation full of relaxation and fun. Whether you're part of a family,  a single traveler or a group, Aitutaki is the destination you’ve been dreaming about. With a location full of coconut palms, white sand beaches.

Aitutaki  have many uninhabited islands make it the most popular destination of the Southern Islands Group. A short trip up Mt Maunga Pu provides a fantastic 360 degree vista of the turquoise lagoon with even the most distant motu (small islands) in view.

The best thing about Aitutaki is, with out a doubt its pristine lagoon. One of the most interesting aspects of your travels to the Cook Islands will be your encounters with the culture and traditions of our people.


5) Sunset Beach in  Brunswick Islands of North Carolina: 

The mountains, hills, and forests of North Carolina are among the most breathtaking places to hike, ride, and run this time(March) of year. But eventually those chilly nights turn to frost-filled, freezing winter.

 Luckily, fall comes late to North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands. Warm days tempered by ocean breezes continue long after the first frost on Grandfather Mountain. These five narrow barrier islands, tucked between Wilmington, NC, and North Myrtle Beach, SC, are filled with enough dramatic sunsets and seaside charm for a dozen Nicholas Sparks novels.


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