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Top 11 Poisonous Foods We Love To Eat

1. Most Toxic Foods

The ongoing Maggi noodles controversy is creating furor in the food space. This is not the first time that a food product has come under the strict scanner of government officials. Most of us think that we don’t need to be concerned about our daily fruits and veggies as due to mass production they are usually safe; however this can be one of your biggest mistakes ever. There are hidden dangers in many common foods. Poisons that can make you sick, paralyze you or even kill on to know more!

Most Toxic Foods

2.Health concern

Consuming pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables for a long period of time can prove fatal. Health experts say that pesticides are neurotoxins, affecting the nervous system and other important organs such as liver and kidney. Some pesticides even lead to cancer. Certain pesticides cause skin problems, loss of weight, sleeplessness and irritability.

Health concern

3. Apples

Pesticides cling to apple skin, and can be absorbed into the flesh beneath. Wash fruit thoroughly, and peel before eating.


4. Sweet bell peppers

Insects love these sweet, crunchy vegetables, and if you don’t buy organic, you are consuming all kinds of harmful pesticides with every bite.Image result for sweet bell peppers


5. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans contain some dangerous toxin, which will make you extremely ill and in some rare cases has killed. The beans must be boiled for 10 minutes before cooking, and that includes slow cooking. Never just add them to a stew or chili without boiling them first, they become five times more toxic.

Image result for Kidney Beans

6. Grapes

A single grape may test positive for 15 different chemicals. How many would be consumed by eating a handful of them?

Image result for spoiled Grapes

7. Tomato

The leaves and vines of tomato plants contain alkaloid poisons such as atropine that cause dizziness, headaches and upset tummies. There is also some in green tomatoes and one death has been attributed to it, but generally the amount of ‘tomatine’ in them is too small to cause any harm. Always refuse tea made from the leaves though; it is still something offered on occasion.

Image result for Tomato

8. Potatoes

First, potato “eye” seeds are doused in pesticides to keep insects from eating the sprouts. Then, they’re sprayed with herbicides so no other plants grow near them. They’re basically exposed to chemicals every week for their entire growing season.Image result for Potatoes

9. Chocolate

Most people will never have a bad reaction to the bromine found in chocolate, but those with compromised immune systems may find themselves getting quite ill after eating it. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs and cats, so don’t share your favorite candy bar with any of your furred friends.

Related image

10. Green Potatoes

If you go for organic potatoes, they’re absolutely fine for you until they start to go green. When spuds start to go green it’s a warning that solanine is now present in the tubers, and eating them will make you seriously ill.

Image result for Green Potatoes

11. Raspberries and Blueberries

Berries and fruits are so delicate that they can fall apart right on the bush. Naturally, they’re soaked in fertilizers for growth and stability, and an absolute cocktail of pesticides to keep the insects from nibbling them.

Image result for Raspberries and Blueberries

12. Rhubarb

You probably won’t die from it if you eat the leaf, but it contains oxalic acid salts that can cause kidney problems, coma and convulsions. However, the stalks are not a problem and even with the leaves, you would need to eat about 5 lbs before you reached a fatal dose. Just don’t think they look like great greens and why let them go to waste - you will be very ill.

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13. Mushrooms

The mushies that you find at the market will be harmless to anyone except those with an allergy to fungi, but some people are fond of foraging for wild mushrooms in forests and such. If you’re not an absolute expert when it comes to wild mushroom identification, slip up on the side of caution and don’t put anything in your mouth.

Image result for Mushrooms


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