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Think Cigarettes Calm You Down More Than Meditation?

You’re not smoking cigarettes, it’s a cigarette that smoking you

Every year millions of adults quit smoking, their obsession for tobacco was giving him a slow and steady death. The tobacco possessed the human brain, just for the 10 minutes of satisfaction they lost their respect in their society, they started losing their body slowly and at the end tobacco kills them. Some people smokes cigarettes for no reason, some people started smoking on stupid excuses and some smoke for show others “How cool they are”.

1.Origin of Tobacco

Tobacco has its roots coming from America to India. Increasingly popular with the arrival of Spain to America, which introduced tobacco to the Europeans by whom it was heavily traded. No doubt, with the coming of tobacco, the American markets were at the boom in the early 19th century. But We tobacco gave birth to an incurable disease known as cancer, which means nothing but a slow death.

2.The Boom of Cigarettes into the Society

Following this tradition of chewing tobacco, cigarettes come as a new addiction for Americans and soon this smoking addiction was spread in the different corners of the world. Tobacco was first discovered by the native people of Mesoamerica and South America and later introduced to Europe and the rest of the world.

3.The Actual Use of Tobacco

The main purpose of using the tobacco was for a medical treatment and sometimes for some spiritual occasions. Tobacco was considered as a gift of the creator and smoking tobacco was seen as carrying one’s thoughts and prayers to the spirits.

4.History of No Tobacco Day

The United Nation Declared 31st May as a “No Tobacco Day”, the main motive was to raise a social awareness about the disastrous effects of this habit. Tobacco is nothing, but wastage of money and life. It was necessary to spread awareness about this foul substance that has now become the weapon of destruction for a mankind.

5.Tobacco Is a Slow Death

Tobacco is become a global threat which takes thousands of lives every year, it’s one of the primary killers of people all over the world. If you’re addicted to tobacco, if you want to quit this foul substance, then do it today. There will be an incline walk at the starting, but if you really want live, then do it today.

6.Say Hello To Meditation And Good Bye To Cancer Sticks!

It’s easy! Just setting aside your cigarettes, go out and just feel the fresh air! Ok, we know for the one who smokes every day, this task will be like mission impossible for them. But the least you can do is to decrease your smoking hours for giving some relief to your lungs. Try it, you will surely feel the difference! Once you get rid off from this addicted substance, you’ll feel a drastic change in your body.

7.Meditation Is Good For The Lungs!

Doing meditation will promote the heavy diaphragmatic breathing and this will lead to a smooth working of our lungs. Proper breathing provides the adequate amount of oxygen supply into the body. A person suffering from asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis etc should practice meditation. A person who smokes should practice meditation, it will detoxify impurities such as tar and tobacco from the lungs

8.It reduces stress, which triggered us to smoke.

People believe that taking a puff of cigarettes will help them to ease up with the problems and stress, yeah, it lowers the adrenal flow of hormones but, for a while, whereas practicing meditation means attaining the permanent peace of mind, and it’ll also give you the power to deal with bad times calmly.

9.It Kills your Craving

People crave for cigarettes and this craving leads them to create havoc in their lives. Meditation will help you to pass the craving without making you behave like a psycho; it will strengthen your will power which is the first step to quitting smoking. If you really want to quit this cancer pipes, you’ve to be mentally strong.

10.It helps improve self- control

Meditation has a magical effect on our body, According to biologist; smokers who practice meditation started curbing their smoking habits without even knowing it!


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