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Ways to Use Healing Crystals

There are numerous types healing crystals & stones in the world. There is an incredible amount of untapped healing power just sitting out there waiting for you! Before you dive into understanding which healing crystal is ideal for your personal use, let’s go over some different ways you can use crystals to heal yourself. …

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Created over the epochs, healing crystals harness the life-giving elements of the earth and the universe. Harnessing the energy of the sun, the moon, and the oceans these semi-precious stones connect us to earth as we come into contact with them. Many people wonder if crystals have healing powers, and while there …

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Benefits of Chakra Healing

Our bodies are like deep cosmos that are associated with a system of energy. According to scientific theories, energy is present in the space surrounding our bodies. This system of energy is called the chakra healing and they help the human body to be aligned with the world and the …

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12 reasons why yoga scores over a gym workout

1. Choose Yoga over Gym Yoga is regarded as India’s greatest contribution to the world. Yet, caught in the midst of modern-day busy schedules, people find excuses not to include exercise in their daily routines, and instead, join gyms because they imagine it will help them lose weight faster! But yoga is …

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