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Still mind, active body


There is something out-of-step about our present day lifestyle. Its very rhythm is off-key attracting any number of diseases. Stress and tension are a natural corollary. Just look at how we start our day in a crazy daze! A hurried beverage — tea or coffee and the newspaper, is the ritual. Then we race through our chores; we rush through breakfast and make a dash for the door. Typically, workday mornings are never stress-free.
In the evening, the skewed pattern continues — we return late from work, flop before the TV, have a late dinner and sleep belatedly. This unhealthy routine continues day after day, month after month and year after year. We live sedentary lives; we eat whatever we want, whenever we want, governed largely by our taste buds. The cumulative effect of such a lifestyle is a wide range of diseases. What is most injurious to health is that we keep the body inactive and immobile while the mind runs a marathon! To ensure good health, the reverse should be the rule. Strive always to still the mind and activate the body.
Even the health conscious amongst us fail to gain maximum benefits from exercise and walking. Half knowledge and improper practise proves to be our undoing. For instance a morning walk is eminently beneficial only if done the right way. Most people walk with friends or acquaintances chatting along the way. But this greatly reduces the advantages of walking. A walk is all about connecting with nature to recharge our energy.
Our mind is forever in the grasp of desires and fears. Therefore, the mind experiences constant anxiety and tension. A good night’s sleep is another key ingredient for sound health. But most of us experience poor quality sleep. Thus in countless ways we negate the health of our body and mind which becomes a magnet for disease. So what is corrective action? For a clean bill of health, make positive lifestyle changes right away.

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