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PM Narendra Modi Announces ‘Fund of Funds’ to Encourage Young Innovators

You would be amazed by one of the breaking news that has surfaced on the latest news India if you are a one who has the young blood to progress rapidly in India. The current affairs have hit a hard ripple after the Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi has announced that the government would be committed in providing demographic dividend that could be harnessed especially by the youth. Prior to this, the honorable Prime Minister has made few rigorous discussions during the interactive sessions that were held between him and the youngsters who could challenge their fortune and turn it a big stone from a small business. Numbers as much as thousands, were the estimate of the youth who have poured in to witness this world news. The event was a video conference that was organised on the NaMo App.

From the words of the Political Leader!

Mr. Modi has said that the scheme mainly focuses to encourage the budding young enterprenuers through government support so as to achieve innovative milestones and the mind boggling ideas that the Indian youth has and he is confident about it. The motto of start-up India is no longer pertained to city but will seep more deeper into villages with these plans and India has already been witnessing that the smaller towns and villages have already attained that vibrant atmosphere which aims at pacifying and intensive development. The world has now got to notice and applaud the fact that India has constantly being redefining itself and is working brilliantly to get distinguished as a global scale start up systems. He also further went on to say that Make in India and Design in India are two leading initiatives that would make the passionate startups to take a big leap to mark their impact. Watch video online of Prime Minister speaking more about it. Blog submission sites, by now would have started their races to explain this in a much better way.

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