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1-Mind is dynamic

It is a group of thoughts. It keeps on moving all the time. So long as the mind is under control it works for the benefit of mankind. Mind, by its nature, is mercurial. It is very hard to peg it down.

2-Good to be calm

It is good to be calm and remain in the company of good and wise people. Mind never stops – it continues its movements like the waves of the sea. it is possible to control the movement of mind, Concentration can help it to move on the correct path. So learn to control the mind.

3-Active and vibrant body

It is necessary to have a good, active and vibrant body. Healthy mind and body are the major requirements of Yogsadhana which also includes Pranayam and micro-physical exercises [yoga postures and asans].

4-Pran Shakti

Pran Shakti needs to be strengthened. It generates power and energy in the body. Pran is the life breath which consists of oxygen and other positive gases. The body needs proper, balanced and nourishing food consisting of fruits and vegetables.

5-Pranayam and Yogic exercises

It is good to stick to Pranayam and other simple yogic exercises to remain fit and active. Walking, laughing, doing simple yoga exercises, Pranayam like Nadi Shodhan, Kapal Bhati, Abdominal movements are good for the body.

6-Maintain a Schedule

All efforts should be to keep the body functional and active. Maintain a schedule for yogic exercises and Pranayam. One can enter Dhyan-Sadhana and meditation phases if the body and mind are healthy and active.

7-Advice of Yoga Guru

Seek the advice of an experienced Yoga Guru and qualified nutritionist for guidance. Yoga and food are important for physical and mental development. Being regular in Pranayam and careful in food is important.


Sound body and mind can lead you to a more effective meditation. Meditation [through concentration] is a means to get the divine blessings. Meditation is a source of happiness, and happiness is divine.


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