Tuesday , October 16 2018

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My First Blog

Hmmm.. So this is where it begins..Finally I have started something which I wanted to do for long long time. I always thought that I had something in me which was telling me to write. I remember, when I was a 9 or 10, I used to write my daily diary where I used to talk about everything which happened to me that day; my mother's love, my father's strictness, my day at school, etc. etc. I good day my mum found that diary hidden somewhere and read it and from thereon, that writer, that "small little writer" slept inside me.

Oh Well.. I did a few love letters to one of my girlfriends.. but alas her mother also caught those and that writer.. that "romeo writer" also died.

And after this, I was busy in building my so call career that I never realized that I wanted to write and there was someone called as a 'writer' sleeping inside me, until one good day when a client of ours requested me to write for her. I was nervous writing for her and was unsure if she would like my writing. Somehow it clicked through !!

Today in the form of this blog I am formally waking up this writer inside me to follow my passion. Lets see how far does it go from here.


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