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Mini Saturns Created by Scientists in United States.

In United States, the Scientists of Northwestern University have develop a miniature version of Saturn, that complete with rings by the process of electrifying the tiny droplets of fluids.

Significance of Research -

This approach may lead a way for originating various microscopic & uniform particles and capsules that are mainly used in products like cosmetics, drugs, inks and paints.

ElectroSpraying Effects-

Whenever a drop of electrically conductive liquid is exposed towards an electric field, then that droplet responds by constituting two electrically charged poles.

In Previous research, it was shown that these poles can gain pulled to the source of that electric field, further taking into cone shapes. And if that pull is highly strong enough then the tips of the cones will sparay jets of the droplets. This effect is what known as electrospraying.

Latest Experiments -

In the latest experiments, the researchers from Northwestern university in the US wanted to survey the end result of what happen when the drop of liquid are submerged in more electrically conductive fluids- particularly, drops of silicone oil that is suspended in castor oil.

When an electric field is being applied to a drop of silicone oil suspended in castor oil, then it was noticed that the drop flattend & emits the rings of fluid from its equator that breaks up into droplets.

In case the electric field is strong enough, then the equators of these flatten drop will going to emit the concentric rings of the droplets, creating the drop to look like the miniature version of Saturn. In the experiments, drops of silicone oil which is about one millimetre vast develop the droplets which were about 100 times smaller in size. Petia Vlahovska from Northwestern university, noted that they could generate rings in a very controllable manner.

In Future, research will survey what new materials can be used to make this ‘ring of particles’ effect.

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