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#Metoo – Perhaps this is what we want to hear from Indian Men

#Metoo– I snickered and took an interest in sexist jokes and misanthropic funniness, supposing it was exactly what 'men' do.

#Metoo– I was a piece of a poisonous culture where a lady was viewed as a victory, an object made for physical satisfaction.

#Metoo– I tossed the word 'assault' around calmly, without understanding the gravity of what it implied, of what it spoke to.

#Metoo– I suspected that men were somehow better than ladies.

#Metoo– I spoke to all that I scorn about manliness today.

It took me a solid, splendid lady I met who demonstrated to me how wrong I was. My family, companions, flatmates, associates and accomplices - they influenced me to acknowledge how troublesome life can be for a lady in this messed up, man centric world that has no premise or rationale for considering men better. They demonstrated to me the importance of genuine quality, of what it takes to survive, even flourish, in spite of society endeavoring to hold them down at each conceivable open door. Also, some time before the lewd behavior they were liable to became exposed, I realized that men need to improve the situation, that ladies merit a whole lot better.

I might not have the ability to change this mentality, but I promise that I won't energize it. That I won't be a piece of a discussion or group of friends that views ladies as peasants. It's the slightest I can do. Furthermore, I realize that I'm not the only one.

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