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Managing your time

Do not reject the past or future. But do not live only in the past or future. Learn from the past, enjoy the present, and plan for the future. While planning for the future, do not lose the present and miss the wisdom of the past or the opportunities in the future. Hence, one needs to be balanced with reference to time. The following could help you in time management.
1. Once you decide your priorities, set about putting them in order of importance. Find out which part of the day is your peak performance time and do your most important work at that time. Monitor your low-performance time and keep less important work to be done at that time. Identify all those things or people that waste your time.
2. Learn how to delegate work judiciously. And enjoy what you do; then you will find that you do it quickly and find you have some time left over.
3. Be sure to review your priorities periodically. And associate with people who are good at time management.
4. One hour has 60 minutes, a minute has 60 seconds, and so on. Use time wisely, for, once lost, it cannot be retrieved. But also learn to transcend time.
We live in two worlds, a world of the mind, which is in time, and the world beyond the mind that is timelessness. When we are in sleep or in samadhi, we go beyond mind and experience timelessness. One should have the wisdom to use the mind and the wisdom to go beyond the mind. In a state of deep joy, we are beyond our minds.

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