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Let us see what yoga actually means!

Yoga is one of India’s most invaluable gift to mankind. There is no system other than Yoga that can take adequate care of our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being simultaneously.

The exact history of Yoga still shrouds in mystery yet the archeological excavations are clearly indicative of the existence of Yoga at least 5000 years ago, however when all the great yogis as well as historians proclaim that original founder of Yoga was Lord Shiva then we need to explore as to when Lord Shiva incarnated in this world, in order to pinpoint the exact history of the origin of Yoga.


It is worth mentioning here that most of the Yogis of yore have emphasized on the necessity of becoming a real good human being , for venturing to tread the path of Yoga to transform our lives, by following Yama and Niyama first, as has been envisaged by the legendary Yog Guru Maharishi Patanjali . You would be surprised to note that several great propounders of the doctrines of Yoga have defined Yoga as Yogah Karmasu Kaushlam, Yogah Samatvam Uchaytey and Yogashchit vritti Nirodhaha, meaning getting perfection in any assigned action is Yoga, to stay unruffled in any situation/happening is Yoga and to be able to gain complete control over the thinking process of mind is Yoga, dismantles the baseless propaganda of Yoga being a Hindu religion by the fanatics in Communist Countries, Muslim and Christian communities around the world, such a baseless notion about Yoga is depriving millions of people from taking magnificent advantages of Yoga.


Sudden craze for adoption of Yoga in this materialistic world clearly proves the age old conviction of the founders of Yoga that if you are looking for peace no amount of Wealth, Power, Degrees, Diplomas or any other worldly possession can bring you peace, bliss and lasting contentment unless one learns to tame ones body, sense organs and mind which is only possible through the age old principles of Yoga

Perhaps that is what made our great Yogis think about founding such a system, which not only ensures a better human being with a healthy body, but also brings unruffled peace of mind & paves the way for our spiritual growth, fulfilling our ultimate goal of life. Thus the great wisdom of Yoga was born and has become very popular in the world, regardless of ones nationality and religious faith.




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