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Is Afghanistan safe for Indian residents there?

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There is no proper security for the Indians who live in Afghanistan. The private Indian companies working in Afghanistan do not have the ITBP security. The security cover is not just enough particularly for the road projects in Afghanistan. The reconstruction of Afghanistan has been pledged in India from the past few years. According to the current affairs, the key sectors to rebuild Afghanistan will include infrastructure, education, agriculture and broadcasting etc. Most of the Indians are working on the road projects in Afghanistan which are executed by the Indian companies. The strategic roads which will connect Afghanistan with different countries are constructed by the global construction companies.

Private companies:

The Indian workers are mostly employed on the road projects by the BRO officials from the latest news India. The Indians who have the semi-skilled capacities are working for the private companies in Afghanistan. A number of doctors and engineers are working with different capacities across Afghanistan. Nearly one million tonnes of wheat is already provided by the Indians to Afghanistan according to world news. Only a small community of Indians are Afghans who are present in Afghanistan. The Indian workers are involved in rebuilding and assistance efforts for the reconstruction in the country which is the breaking news. Indian is considered as one of the largest donors to Afghanistan to invest in the economy. India is also acting as the soft power in Afghanistan with its continuous efforts.


According to the perception of Afghans, there is a positive role among the Indians for the reconstruction efforts. Indians have become the target of network and terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. Apart from this, Pakistan has denied receiving the strong support from the Inter-services Intelligence. The Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan are ethically and historically linked to each other during the earlier years as per the blog submission sites. There is no military presence of India in Afghanistan. The field clinics and children’s hospital were established in Afghanistan as a part of the humanitarian mission. The prominent component of Indian reconstruction in Afghanistan will include the road building. The strengthening institutions are provided with security by the government of India.

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