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In what ways is Bollywood better than Hollywood?

Why do we even compare our Cinema to HOLLYWOOD?, both have huge differences, Bollywood mainly concerns India, but hollywood movies are designed for the WORLD,there target audience is much bigger,their budgets are also comparatively much larger than as compared to bollywood.

For Instance : Why India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Cost Less Than ‘Gravity’ Movie

I like and respect Hollywood Films, but it is for such a large number of people, Internationally.

In India, off course not everyone will relate to or accept or like a Film like Gravity.

So, for Indian audience maybe Bollywood works much better, than Alien invasion films of Hollywood.

Bollywood has its cliches, But does Hollywood doesn’t have any ?

Worst Movie Cliches Hollywood Really Needs To Stop Doing

So,the time has come that we should stop comparing BOLLYWOOD to HOLLYWOOD.

BOLLYWOOD has given World some of the great Movies.

People around the world do acknowledge this fact, they get to see a different perspective on-screen, Bollywood is Different.

In India we have great talents, and we should stop whining, and start accepting and respecting our people and there Work.

You can’t compare different things,having different target audiences.

I Repeat BOLLYWOOD IS DIFFERENT. Don’t ridicule it by comparing to Hollywood or any other Film industry for that matter.

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