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How to get her number !

Hi Guys !
Through my ink I would walk you through the most common problem guys face in this dating world these days . You must have made a really fascinating account on a few popular dating platforms like Tinder , OKcupid ,Badoo , Trulymadly etc many more still in the pipeline , with the best photos you have had in your entire gallery to grab HER attention online , along with a really cool jaw dropping description of your soul (Laugh it off ) she isn't aware about it .


Will that be sufficient to get her number ?

Think again ......

If that's all it takes to get her number then don't you think she must have gotten confounded so easily online that she would have shared her number with every TOM DICK AND HARRY who is swiping  right just because he could collaborate a well clicked collection of his handsomeness with a wonderful description about him to read and explore and may be something more .....😜
There is a catch !

It's as easy to get her number as you would go out and buy a Cell phone !
Trust me

Let me explain .

When you go to any mobile store to buy a phone , there is a set of questions you carry along for the salesperson in the back of your mind .
The same set of questions pops up in her mind before she makes up her mind to share her digits .



  1. Why him ? ( Why that particular phone ?)
  2. What is in it for me  ?  (How will this phone help me ?)
  3. Is he really worth it ? I got plenty of fishes in the pond to choose from 
  4. Is he worth the investment of my time and effort  ? (Is it worth the money I am spending ? )
  5. Do we really connect well ? ( Will I be able to use this phone easily or I need to crib every single time I can't find peace using it ).
  6. Any consequences that I am inviting along ? (Any drawbacks of this new phone that I might realise later on and regret )
  7. Many more only she knows down inside .....Relax she has every right to do so !

So now the Question is ...
Why will she give you her number ?

The answer to this question is same as to why would you buy that particular phone investing your time , money and effort in it ...

  • If she feels connected internally .
  • If she thinks you are worth sharing time with .
  • If you stand out from the crowd she is tired addressing so far on that dating platform .
  • If she finds a compatible character to get along with .
  • If she really has someone who can listen to her diligently and reflect back with the same intensity .
  • If she could spend some time apart from her jam packed schedule to relieve her stress .
  • If she feels "SECURE" deep inside .
All she wants is that guy in her life which won't leave any impression for her to regret later on
So for that she does take time and it all comes down to an individual .
Some can run their SCANs quite early and within a few days or few hours or probably a few minutes let you know the digits so that you guys can embark on a journey to explore each other or it can even take days to get the confidence she needs before she makes her next move .
It's just all about the "TRUST" that she wants to build before anything you are looking for .
So there is "NO"  hard and fast rule as to how would you get her number .
Just don't bother yourself too much speculating the right strategy to finally get those GOLDEN DIGITS just give her some time to really analyze you for her own good . (Dude it's her Right by birth isn't it ? )Cmon Man!You gotta be strong  !
(She isn't going to be the last one alive .....😜)
It's just about convincing the inner self to go ahead ....
Keep calm 


Get her number !

# Thanks for investing your time and kindly help me write more quality stuff by pouring me with your Valuable Suggestions as to How Can I reach you more effectively ......for you need to smile after reading it !


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