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All Bach flowers remedies except one, are made from flowers. The remedy is made by keeping the flowers in water and then preserving them in alcohol (as does homeopathy). This is then diluted, as and when required, singularly or in combinations.

The remedies are not designed to work on physical body or the physical symptoms like homeopathy; the bach flower remedies work on the subtle aspects of humans such as emotions and mental states.

The basic pattern of illness is usually cyclic in nature starting with emotional issues, leading to stressed mental states, which may at some point end up causing an illness. The Bach remedies work on the emotional and mental states of an individual. Often if a person already has some issues, such as trembling hands, the bach flower remedies would reduce the anxiety levels which in turn would normalize the hands. The physical solution is an add-on and often such benefits are reported. However, the remedies focus is purely on Emotional & Psychological states.

Dr. Bach was a Surgeon who gave up his very lucrative practice to look for a way that he could stop people from falling sick. He found it.

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