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Depression does not always have the same root cause. It may be triggered by a recent current event or situation, or from some past issues that have been building up. In summary, the cause of depression for every individual is unique.

It is therefore advisable to ask for help.
Albeit, basic personality type may also be a factor to define the reaction to triggers. An introvert is likely to withdraw, while an extrovert may or may not.

There are some non-invasive but gentle treatments that can be recommended such as Yoga & Meditation. These have a calming effect on the overall being. Along with this I would recommend that you keep yourself very busy dong work that inspires you or that you enjoy.

Another very powerful yet, subtle treatment is that of Bach Flower Remedies. They work well and before you know it – you are back to your beautiful self. Look for registered Bach Flower Practitioners from the Bach Center, UK.

“What a beautiful thing it is to be able to stand tall and say, “I fell apart and I survived’.”

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