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Health Care Vote Postponed in United States

On Saturday night , there released a statement from the Majority leader Mitch McConnell about the delay in consideration of health care legislation in the senate. As After the Sen. John McCain had announced his absence because of his surgery, had left the Republicans with short of votes on their marquee legislation.

McCain had undergo surgery in The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix to removed a blood clot from above his left eye. The senator had been adviced by doctors to stay in Arizona next weeks to recover. The Hospital informed that McCain is in better condition now & is resting.

The senate will going to pursue on legislative items & nominations meanwhile John is recovering from his surgery , announces McConell and will delay in consideration of the Better Care Act.

McCain, 80 has indicate his dissatisfaction with the revised plan But has not openly oppose it. There is no notice about his return to Washington.

Also, there were two GOP senators who earlier said that they would be vote against bringing the bill to the floor.

Therefore, without McCain & the two GOP senators, who openly oppose the measure, Democrats could keep the measure from being debates.

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