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Harmony in Relationships


If we analyse the core issues behind relationship problems, we find that they focus on the inability to handle anger and stay calm. Most problems arise when people disagree with each other. Each one feels he or she is right and the other is wrong. Each digs in his or her heels to a point of view. When the other one does not come around or gives in, anger surfaces. If we are unable to stay calm, we end up saying something hurtful to the other.
This escalates and the other retaliates. Soon, what began as a disagreement becomes a fight. The relationship may then suffer.
Meditation is a way to shortcircuit this cycle to keep relationships harmonious.
First, when we meditate on the inner Light and Sound, we find that the Light within us is the same Light that’s within all others. This builds a bridge between people as we realise our commonality. We can see that we are all one and the same in our essence. We then develop love for others. When we look at others with love, we open our hearts. Our ego is kept in check because we want to reach out and help others.
This can put a stop to the escalation in relationships because we want to help others rather than rule over them.
Second, meditation puts us in a state of calm and joy. Even if we have differences, we can stay calm and deal with them in a way that does not escalate to anger. We can then remain peaceful and find solutions. We know how to disagree in a peaceful way, adjusting and compromising.

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