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Have You Ever seen Frozen Eyelashes?

Have You Ever seen Frozen Eyelashes? In the World's Coldest Village with -62°C temperature, this is a common thing.

Known as the coldest city in the world, Oymyakon in Siberia is experiencing icy cold weather with temperatures dipped down to minus 62 degree Celsius. Due to frost and snow, everything around the place is freezing - including people's eyelashes!

Do you feel like hiding under multiple layers of your blanket in the winter season? If you can’t stop shivering in a moderately cold climate in India, have you ever imagined how people survive in the coldest village of the world where the temperature drops to almost minus 62 degree Celsius? The temperature in a small town named Oymyakon in Siberia has dipped down tremendously, and the photos that have surfaced on the Internet will astonish you.

With snow smeared all around their eyelashes, people struggle to survive even after covering themselves in thickly furred double coats. Taking to social media, many people shared pictures of the frozen icicyles around their eyelashes. According to the Daily Mail, the village inhabits only about 500 people.

While a digital thermometer was installed in the village last year, it stopped working after recording a temperature of minus 62 degree Celsius. It is also said that one villager in Oymyakon went on to record a temperature of minus 67 degree Celsius, and others agreed that the official readings did not tell the full story, The Sun reported. Many also revealed that even though the climatic conditions are pretty extreme in the village, people try not to let it hamper their daily routine. Check out these pictures captured in the icy cold weather.

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