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Diet chart for a pregnant lady

{Pregnancy food chart for healthy pregnancy}

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and essential part of a woman's life. However at no other time in life is nutrition as important as during pregnancy. Pregnancy demands proper nourishment for the health of the baby and mother.Well planned meals containing all vital nutrients in the correct amountis crucial for all to-be mothers.


1.A Pregnant Woman Should Include in Her Daily Diet at Least

Some of the must-haves for a healthy pregnancy experience are: Iron: rich diet is essential for women during their pregnancy. Iron, in the form of haemoglobin, carries oxygen in our blood. During pregnancy, to meet the demands of the growing foetus, the blood volume needs to be increased hence more Iron in the diet is essential.

2.Vitamin C is important

Food items like bajra, Kala Chana, soybean, Goat liver, dry dates are rich in iron and are recommended to expecting mothers. Moreover, for increased absorption of iron from the various food products, Vitamin C is recommended.


Calcium: a Judicious amount of calcium intake is indispensable during pregnancy. Daily average calcium requirement for pregnant women is about 1200mg. Calciumaids in building healthy bones and teeth of the growing foetus and also for the production ofcalcium-rich breast milk and prevention of osteoporosis in the mother.

4.Best source of Calcium

Milk is counted as one of the best sources of calcium. Other sources are ragi, horse gram, methi, green amaranth leaves, curry leaves, paneer, almonds and sea crab.

5.Sources of Proteins

In the first trimester, your daily diet should have an additional 0.5g of proteins, and about 6.9g in the second. 22.7g in the third. Milk, dal, paneer, egg, chicken and almonds are some rich sources of proteins.

6.Vitamin A

Vitamin A: Vitamin A aids in maintaining a healthy vision, immune function and in the growth and development of the foetus. Because of rapid foetal development and an increase in the blood volume, mothers are prone to Vitamin A deficiency especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

7.Sources of Vitamin A

Including green leafy vegetables like Bathua, methi, spinach, coriander leaves, mint and other food items like tomato, carrot, apricot, sweet potato in your diet can help you achieve your daily requirement of Vitamin A.

8.Folic acid

Folic acid or Folate: Adequate intake of folic acid is essential for human body, and it becomes more critical during pregnancy. It prevents neural tube defect, which is defined as severe abnormalities of the spinal cord and brain. It also aids in increasing birth weight, synthesis of haemoglobin and reducing the incidence of premature births.

9.Sources of Folic acid

The recommended allowance is 500 micro g/day. Food like a spinach, mango, ripe papaya, groundnut, chicken liver and goat liver helps you achieve your daily requirement of folic acid.

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