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cute defination of love?

Love… I wonder what it really means


Is it the feeling that makes me want to jump out with joy?

Or is it that touch that makes me want to skip across the clouds?

I wonder if it is love when I feel happy to see her face, or is it love when I embrace her passionately?

It’s strange but words seem to welcome poverty when we try to find the meaning of love.

I don’t know if I’m in love, I ask myself all the time if I’m in love.

Defining emotions – The definition of love

I really don’t know the definition of love because no one has ever showed me what love really is. They say it is felt, when I embrace my lover, when I hold her palms. They say it is to be heard, in the rustle of the leaves, in the cool breeze, in the words of the special person in my life.

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