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Chandra Grahan 2019 Dates and Effects

Chandra Grahan 2019 Dates and Effects

1-Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse has always been a matter of interest for Hindus. According to the traditional beliefs, Chandra Grahan initiates when the moon gets consumed by Rahu and Ketu. As per the depiction of Samudra Manthan, i.e., Sea Churning which results in Solar and Lunar eclipse, this belief has been derived. You will find eclipses occurring each year within 2-3 months in a year. Talking about Chandra Grahan 2019, there is a possibility of two of them to happen. Read below for details

First date of Chandra Grahan 2019

2-The first lunar eclipse in the year 2019 will be observed on 21st January 2019. The estimated time period will be from 08:07:34 am to 13:07:03 pm. It is a type of complete lunar eclipse, and its visibility will be marked in Central Pacific, Europe, parts of North or South America, and Africa. This Chandra Grahan is estimated to occur during the phase of Pushya Nakshatra active in Cancer zodiac sign.

Effects of the first date of Chandra Grahan 2019

3-It is commonly said that the people associated with the zodiac sign and the Nakshatra in which you will find the Grahan occurring, are the ones affected by this Lunar eclipse the most, Thus, from the previous knowledge, the natives of the zodiac sign Cancer who fall under the Pushya Nakshatra will be highly affected by this Lunar Eclipse. They should be vigilant about their problems and thus adopt important, necessary precautions.

 The second date of Chandra Grahan 2019

4-The second lunar eclipse in the year 2019 will happen within the period of July 16 to July 17, especially at night. The time of its occurrence is in between 01:32:35 am and 04:29:50 am. It will be a partial type of lunar eclipse and visible in India and different Asian countries, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa. This lunar eclipse will occur during the phase of Uttarashada Nakshatra in the zodiac signs Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Effects of the second date of Chandra Grahan 2019

5-As we got to know earlier, people belonging to the zodiac signs and the specific Nakshatra in which the Grahan is observed are the ones affected by Lunar eclipse the most. So, it is quite evident that the natives of Sagittarius or Capricorn zodiac sign will be affected by the Lunar eclipse. These people are thus recommended to be alert and to imbibe astrological remedial activities to demolish any bad impacts of the second lunar eclipse.


Sutak Kaal of Chandra Grahan 2019 and its effects

6-Sutak Kaal is referred to as the inauspicious period during which the atmosphere around you gets adversely affected. This phase initiates 9 hours prior to the lunar eclipse and abates after the end of the Grahan. One should avoid idol worshipping, consuming food during that period and concentrate on meditation and chanting the names of God.

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