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Africa in 2018: what to expect

History was being made across the continent in 2017. From the end of an era to the realization of grand ambitions, from thrilling discoveries, to tragedies that shocked the world. Much of what mattered came out of the blue. But other stories, such as Kenya’s troubled election and the decline …

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Have You Ever seen Frozen Eyelashes?

Have You Ever seen Frozen Eyelashes? In the World’s Coldest Village with -62°C temperature, this is a common thing. Known as the coldest city in the world, Oymyakon in Siberia is experiencing icy cold weather with temperatures dipped down to minus 62 degree Celsius. Due to frost and snow, everything around …

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Funny New Year’s Resolutions

Below is a list of interesting status messages we know you’re going to love. Go through the list to pick as many messages as you like, and post them on your wall throughout the day, if you like. Since this year kicked my @$$ financially, I resolve to celebrate the …

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