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Yes, Depression can be overcome. The starting point is that you ‘want to’ get over it. Unfortunately, some people who are undergoing depression may get attached to it, largely due to fear of what happens if I let go?

‘Acknowledging it’ definitely step one, followed closely by the strong desire to overcome it. The hardest part of course is to ‘ask for help’ to overcome it. Many people get to step 1 &2 but find the 3rd one difficult.

Step 3, of asking for help is difficult due to social, peer or family perception of the problem; alternate therapies , not having enough knowledge about how to go about releasing depression is another reason for not getting around to it.

Irrespective of the reasons, one must avoid being in a depressed state as it make become an addiction and shift your personality to one that is permanently depressed and/or cranky.

Please seek help if you believe you are in depression.

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