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Healing with flowers is not a newfangled idea, the ancient Egyptians and Romans used flowering plants for medicinal purposes. In India, it has been used continuously across centuries to this day through Ayurveda medicines and tonics.The current tradition of Bach Flower Remedies began in the early 1930’s with doctor and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach.

Doctor Edward Bach, a medical physician, gave up his Harley Street practice to focus on creating a new system of healing through wild flowers now commonly known as Bach Flower Remedies. His remedies work by addressing an individual’s emotional state rather than simply looking at their symptoms. He discovered that one’s body is a mirror of one’s mental state. So if one is frightened, worried or depressed, recovery of any aliment is slow, but if one is hopeful, happy and determined, recovery will happen more quickly.

Nowadays the thirty-eight flower remedies he developed have become increasingly popular and available to everyone through health shops and pharmacies. As they are completely natural, created by transferring the potency of wild flowers into pure spring water and preserving it in brandy, it can be taken by everyone (though medical practitioners need to be kept informed) – even animals and plants can benefit.).

Dr. Bach firmly believed (and modern physicians now agree) that a person’s mental state plays a vital role in physical well-being and the ability to recover from illness and injury. In order to improve his patients’ mental health, Dr. Bach utilized various dilutions of flower essences, as natural remedies for depression, anxiety, inability to say ‘No’, being overwhelmed or just being aloof always. He believed that each flower is has very specific qualities, and they can be taken alone, in combination or together with other natural remedies for various emotions such as fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, loneliness, lack of confidence.

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