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Anti Trump, Anti Racist Rally in US

In New York City, there occur a rally by anti-Trumh protestors, shouting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” while awaiting for the president’s arrival in the city as he returned on Monday night for the first time after all taking office. Right away after 9 pm, the president’s motorcade arrived to Trump Tower, coming from a direction that avoid the demonstrators.

Few hours back, the protestors & a small group of supporters back off police barricades that lined up beyond the street from the Trump Tower & forward the nearby blocks on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. While, the supporters carrying the Americns flags shouted, ‘God Bless Presiddnt Trump’ , & the anti-Trump protestors chanted, ‘No KKK, No Fascist USA & No Trump’.

Among this protest, on Monday evening at Trump Tower, three people were arrested & Charged with reckless engagement, disorderly conduct & resisting arrest and obstructing government administration, reported by New York Police Department detective Hubert Reyes.

This protest came in light of clashes on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, while the counter- protesters met with thewhite nationalists & other right wing groups at ‘Unite the Right’ event. A counter protester – Healther Heyer was killed when a car crashed into a crowd walking down a street.

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