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Al Qaeda suspect makes first appearance in U.S. federal court

Ali Charaf Damache, an Al Qaeda suspect who is being accused by the United States of conspiring to support the terrorists has been deported from Spain to the United States, marking him as the first foreign terror suspect to be brought in for convict under the Trump administration.

Ali Charaf Damache, 52, an Algerian born Irish citizen has made his initial appearance in a Philadelphia federal court on Friday, following banishment from Spain, informed by the Justice Department.

Damache was formally accussed in 2011 in the Eastern District of PennsyIvania on one count of collaboration to help in providing material support and resources to the terrorists & one another count of attempting identity theft to enable the act of intenational terrorism. He was believed to have schemed with a PennsyLvania woman, Colleen LaRose who was known as Jihad Jane to engage people in carrying out the terror attacks in Europe and Asia, in the year 2011, she petitioned to conspiracy & other terrorism charges & at the time serving a 10- year judgement.

The shift of Damache to the U.S. federal court represents that for the the first time President Donald Trump's administration has brought a foreign terrorist suspect to face the legal actions in the United States.

During a radio interview in March, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that he would advise Trump to address the newly imprisoned terrorist suspects to prison in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba rather than to a civilian court to be charged by the Justice Department.

However, the Justice Department officials did not comment anything on why the Damache had been brought to the United States for legal proceedings.

Ali Charaf Damache, who is well believed to be a member of Ireland based Cell & known by the name Black Flag- of backing terrorism was arrested in 2010 in Ireland , for being part of a thwarted scheme to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks because he had illustrated the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. He was further released after an Irish judge decline a U.S. request to handover him and arrested again in Spain in 2015.

Damache’s indictment is scheduled for August 28.


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