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5 Smart Ways to Make Most Out Of a Responsive Website


Your online business is just as important as a physical store – especially if you do not have one yet!  From promoting your products to building a customer base, your website represents you in the virtual world where the best SEO agency or the Best Magento E-commerce agency allows you to get the most out of your site.  Like a store, your online store should be responsive. Here are 5 ways to make most out.

1. Let your brand speak for itself Your brand as you have designed it on paper, through business cards and posters, must be online as it is. Offering a consistent brand image in all aspects of marketing is essential to please your customers. While we know that nearly 70% of small businesses promote their services online and in print, not all of them are visually related. You can get your business out of the box by consistently using the same fonts, colors, and images in your communications wherever they occur. If you have created marketing products such as business cards or brochures with Vistaprint, our website builder will automatically import your logo, images and decorations into your image library to make your brand image more consistent, and make it more professional.

2. Attract new customers Like banners and advertising easels, your website will no doubt attract new customers to your business. And since your website is always open and can reach a larger audience, it should allow many more customers to find you. In this regard, we found that 36% of small business customers discover new brands in online searches. How to make it yours? Start by optimizing the SEO of your site on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Insert relevant keywords in your site text (for example, “Clothes in New York”), add content regularly to keep it up to date and think about mobile compatibility.  Google has recently announced that the mobile experience of websites is now taken into account in SEO. It is therefore more important than ever. To save you time, the best SEO agency can help you to connect to Digital websites which are automatically compatible with mobile devices.

3. Present your team When a customer enters a store, he is warmly welcomed by the vendors. This helps to put him in trust, and to associate a face to your brand. It may be the same for your website. An online presence is not necessarily impersonal. Adding team photos, introducing each contributor, letting them write articles for the blog, and giving visitors insight into what’s going on behind the scenes can help them focus on your business and build brand loyalty.

 4. Highlight your offers If you have already presented products in stores, you know how much it is necessary to think about the arrangement. The location and presentation of the products can make all the difference in the perception of your offer. It’s the same for your online store. Create a special atmosphere with beautiful background images, offer clear navigation and add many excellent quality photos of your products (or products presenting them after purchase to promote your services).

5. Sell your products

One of the essential functions of a store is obviously the sale of products. The same goes for your online store, and it never closes. Your online store can accept orders 24 hours a day, which can really change the game for your bottom line. Invest in professional photos of your products and make the ordering process as easy as possible. If you offer services and not products, you can take advantage of them to suggest online payment options and gift certificates.  Conclusion Whether your presence on the web complements your store or is your only customer contact, it should always be beneficial.  Make sure your online store meets the five goals we just mentioned, and it can make a big contribution to your small business success.

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