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12 reasons why yoga scores over a gym workout

1. Choose Yoga over Gym

Yoga is regarded as India’s greatest contribution to the world. Yet, caught in the midst of modern-day busy schedules, people find excuses not to include exercise in their daily routines, and instead, join gyms because they imagine it will help them lose weight faster! But yoga is any day better than going to the gym, as it not only ensures permanent weight loss but is also not harsh on your body. Here are top reasons why to choose yoga over gym…

2. Yoga Helps Beat Stress

Yoga not only helps beat stress, but combined with meditation, also helps you remain at peace on a permanent basis…

3. Yoga Helps You Discover Your Breathing Pattern

Breathing is an essential part of our system, with many other systems in our body also being dependent on it. Yet, we are mostly unaware of the power of our breathing. Plus, neither gym classes nor cardio exercises have any consideration for our breathing beyond the structure of the exercise, whereas yoga helps us to really discover our breathing pattern and thereby develop our breathing in a way that is best for our body.

4. Yoga Helps in Weight Loss

Doing yoga every day is a sure shot way to stay slim. What’s more: Even the basic yoga poses help us lose unwanted weight. Try it for yourself.

5Yoga Helps Create Balance in the Body

Yoga helps to create a certain balance in your body as well as your life. If you compare it to the working of a gym, you will realize that yoga is much more person-friendly.

6. Yoga Affects Your Entire Body

Unlike gymming, which only works on one body part at a time, yoga manages to reach its benefits to every nook and corner of your body, so profound are the yog-asanas created in ancient India.

7. Yoga Helps You Rediscover Your Body

Yoga helps you in developing an understanding of your own body. It helps in making a mindscape of various functions of different parts of your body and makes one more aware of the holistic and inclusive health benefits that are needed to sustain a body system. In contrast, the atmosphere in gyms is of practicing without thinking, and people listen to music or chat away as they do lifts or cardio.Yoga Can Be Performed Anywhere

8. Yoga Can Be Performed Anywhere

One of the best things about Yoga is that you don’t need a formal setting or machinery to start yoga. All you need is your body and a place and you are set to go. On the other hand, gyms are very restrictive in terms of time and space. Thus, yoga helps save time and money.

9. Yoga Helps Get Rid Of Pains

Yoga helps one to get rid of body pains instead of creating pains, as gymming often does.

10. Yoga Helps You to Concentrate

Yoga helps you to enhance your concentration skills. It also helps you to become more productive at your workplace. Can gymming ever match this?

11. Yoga Gives You Flexibility and Mobility

Yoga is a fun way to increase your body’s flexibility and mobility. Gym workouts are mostly lift-centered and often, do not focus on increasing body flexibility, even though flexibility is very essential and key factor to a good posture and general bodily well-being. Yoga, without putting any huge stress on the body, is also able to push the limits bit by bit, besides gradually increasing flexibility.

12. Yoga Grants Peace and Happiness

Yoga, as mentioned before, is not only centered around one’s physical well-being, but also on the holistic growth of our body. Meditation and rhythm exercises are very vital to the functioning of the nervous system as well.

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