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10 foods that can help you gain weight

1. What foods to eat to gain weight quickly?

It is essential to have a body weight which is proportionate to your height to stay fit and healthy. Your ideal body weight depends on your height, age and gender. If you fall in the category of those who wants to gain weight, one of the best ways is to look for some home remedies. These are simple and effective, and will have no side effects. Some common causes of being underweight are excessive physical activity, skipping meals, fasting, stress, malnutrition, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, genetic factors, lack of sleep and a weak digestive system. Here are the top 10 home remedies that can help you gain weight without too much effort.

2. Rice

Having a bowl of butter rice everyday at night can help in considerable weight gain.

3. Peanut butter

Include peanut butter in your daily diet. Add it in your shakes, smoothies and breads.

4. Mango and milk

Eat a mango along with a glass of warm milk daily for a month. Follow this remedy 2-3 times a day for best resultsHoney and banana

5. Honey and banana

If you want to increase your weight naturally and safely, eat honey with banana regularly.

6. Fried cashews

Fry cashew nuts in ghee till they are golden brown and have them twice a week for best results

7. Figs and raisins

Soak 30 grams of raisins and 6-7 dried figs in water overnight. The following day, eat them. Follow this routine for about a month for desired results.

8. Clarified butter

Mix one tbsp of clarified butter with one tbsp of sugar. Eat this mixture twice daily after your meals.

9. Potatoes

Eat boiled potatoes daily for one or two months and see how your weight increases in no time! Saute it it butter for best results.

10. Banana and milk

Eat one banana every day in the morning and follow it up with a glass of warm milk sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.

11. Almonds and milk

Crush a handful of almonds and add it to boiling milk. Simmer the milk for 8-10 minutes and then strain it. Consume it warm every single day for about a month.


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